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Nick Speal

Software Engineer

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I have been actively involved in research at McGill for three years.

Aerospace Mechatronics Laboratory


Under the supervision of Prof Inna Sharf and Prof Meyer Nahon, I studied the thruster performance on the X8 unmanned aerial vehicle. This work was published in the proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems. I also worked with other students on the LiDAR and other sensors to achieve autonomous take-off and landing of the vehicle in unstructured environments.

Shockwave Physics Group


Under the supervision of Prof Andrew Higgins, I carried out experiments in the detonation chamber and developed a granular dynamics physics simulator using MATLAB.

Structural Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory


Under the supervision of Prof Christophe Pierre and Dr. Alain Batailly, I built a front-end application in Python for airplane turbomachinery simulations.