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Virtual High

Education is important and can always be better, so technologists are rushing in to try to contribute towards making schools more effective. But as this happens, we need to make sure we’re not doing more harm than good. This project examines some of the problems that can sometimes exist in our schools and demonstrates that just adding software doesn’t fix it.

I was inspired to build a chat-based UI after speaking with an entrepreneur who is building a chatbot to add some interactivity to online educational videos. If we’re learning something from a video lecture, might we retain the information better if we talk about it after? Does it have to be a human we’re talking to? I think it’s a great way to improve a very passive learning tool, but shuddered to think that some might want software like this to substitute for human interaction in schools. With this project I wanted to push that idea to the extreme and see how bad it would get.

Check out the app here!